Covid-19 Update: New Office Guidelines

Our guidelines remain in place, so we may continue to provide the safest of environments for our patients and staff. Please call the office when you park your vehicle so we may confirm we are ready for your appointment. This will prevent waiting and congregating in the reception area and/or overloading our opereratory We ask that only […]

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Braces are off or perhaps your Invisalign treatment is complete, congratulations! Now on to retention (retainers) to hold that correction you worked hard to achieve, but how long should you wear retainers? A good rule of thumb? FOREVER. FOREVER, REALLY?!?! Really. But not all day/all night FOREVER. For the first 3+ months post completion of […]

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Do you have a pre-teen or teenager who has or will have braces and plays sports? Are they active in vigorous sports where contact is common? Protecting the mouth and teeth Mouthguards can protect your athlete from injury to teeth and the soft tissue in the mouth. They can also lessen inconvenient visits to the […]

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