When should I see an Orthodontist about braces for my child?

You may be seeing more and more children between the ages of 7-10 with braces. What are the factors that determine if your child would benefit from interceptive orthodontic care? Here is a quick checklist that can help you determine if its time to see the orthodontist.

The images below are examples of bites that could benefit from an early orthodontic assessment. Still not sure? Contact our Littleton or Arvada office today…an orthodontic assessment to determine if your child needs braces is easy!

Cross bite

Teeth will look “reversed”. For instance an upper tooth fits to the inside of a lower tooth.

Crossbite - Does my child need braces?

Excessive Overjet

Sometimes called buck teeth. Upper front permanent teeth protrude to the point where they may easily be damaged, chipped or broken.

Overbite - Does my child need braces?


Lower jaw/teeth protrude further than the front upper teeth.

Underbite - Does my child need braces?

Excessive Crowding

There is just no room for those large adult teeth to come in.

Open bite

Possibly from thumb sucking or just the way your child is growing.

Open bite - Does my child need braces?

Excessive deep bite

Lower front teeth dig into the gum tissue behind the upper front teeth.

Deep bite - Does my child need braces?

If any of these concerns are apparent in your child a visit to an orthodontist is definitely appropriate. Our initial exams are quick, painless, and FREE and we have many after school/work times available.

Please contact us at either location to schedule an appointment.

Littleton Orthodontist Office: 303-973-7771

Arvada Orthodontist Office: 303-421-1984

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