Orthodontics for Millennials, is Invisalign a good option for you?

You had braces as a kid (Typically courtesy of Mom and Dad) but now your teeth have shifted and the selfies aren’t looking as good as they should. Or maybe you were one of those stubborn teens that refused braces, period. What are the options that will work for your lifestyle now that you are an upstanding, self-supporting adult?

Just a “tweak” or “Things aren’t looking too bad but there is a tooth or two out of alignment”

Invisalign Fast 5 can be the answer for you. One or two arches (arch = upper and/or lower teeth) are available and the total treatment time is about 2 months. It is the lowest cost option.

I need a few things corrected…

Invisalign’s Express 10 includes twice as many aligners as the Fast 5 thus the ability to correct more concerns. Treatment time is about 5 months and the cost will reflect the additional time and aligners.

My smile isn’t great but not a catastrophe

Invisalign Lite may be the answer for you. It includes 14 aligners each worn 2-2 1/2 weeks each plus a round of refinements if additional correction is desired. We have gotten remarkable results with this option and again, the price will reflect the additional aligners and time.

I need a lot of correction but I really do not want to wear braces!

Comprehensive Invisalign may be your answer, limitless aligners until you approve your perfected smile! The cost is 35-40% more than Invisalign Lite but you will be getting significantly more for your money.

Does Invisalign work for everyone?

Invisalign continues to make amazing strides in its ability to correct many challenging orthodontic issues. That being said, there are still some serious cases where our patients will be better served by traditional braces. A thorough evaluation is the first step to help determine what option is best for you.

Now is the time for you to get a thorough COMPLEMENTARY evaluation from Dr. Callender. Our office(s) offer before and/or after work appointment times.

Please contact us at either location to schedule an appointment.

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